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Date de parution : 08/09/2009

Durée : 0:04:47

Style : Christian & Gospel

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The candy looks so good to me
I just want to taste it
The candy looks so good to me
I just want to break it
I never thought it would end up this way
Why didn't i know it would end up this way (james 1:13-14)

I'm sick and tired of this ritual fling stuff in my life that needs sorting
Why do i do this to myself
God get in here i need your help (romans 7:13-25)

Come to me bernie run to me bernie
I never knew you the bible is true (matthew 7:21-23)

Where did everybody go
They were all here just a minute ago
No god no this can not be
I repented at a quarter past three (luke 16:23)

I was misled hell burns so bad (matthew 18:9)
Why did i lose the treasure i had (luke 12:33-34)
Please one more chance
I won't do it anymore
There is no feeling here i am so sore (luke 16:24)

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