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Bert: ernie .... ernie .... ernie, i'm tired of that program .... ernie, we've been watching television all day (or for several hours?) and i'd like to play a record now .... ernie?
Ernie: shh, bert! keep it down, i'm trying to watch television.
Bert: okay, smart guy, you watch your ol' tv. i'm going to play a record anyway.
(bert promptly marches back to the record player, starts playing jazzy music and dancing to it. note: the tv, record player, etc., are continuous throughout the arguement.)
Ernie: bert?! bert! hey, i can't hear the television! (no response) bert?! okay, if that's the way you want to be about it .... (he goes over the radio, turns it on loudly, starts humming along) (this is where i get lost, as there is so much noise to hear either clearly.)
Bert: ernie! alright ernie! (whereupon he runs over to the blender and turns that on) alright, here!
(by now the place is full of noise.)
Ernie: oh yeah?!
Bert: yeah! you like it??!
Ernie: oh yeah!!
(poooooooof! all the lights go out, the sounds quit, we see only ernie & bert's eyes floating in the total blackness.)
Bert: well now, look, you blew a fuse.
Ernie: oh yeah, well it was your idea turning on the dumb mixer.
Bert: (resignedly, after a pause) look, .... ernie .... how about you go around and turn off all that stuff we turned on, and i will ... i'll go and try to fix the fuse. (bert's eyes wander off. ernie's eyes go all over as he steps from switch to switch, snapping each off with a loud click.)
Ernie: okay .... first there's the mixer (or radio?) ..... then there's the radio (or mixer?) ..... over here, okay, over here the television .... and one more, back there--the phonograph! yeah .... that's got 'em .... yeah ....
(suddenly the lights go back on, bert returns. he and ernie start playing cards during the following dialogue:)
Bert: look, ernie, i'm--i'm sorry about playing a record while you were watching tv ...
Ernie: yeah, well i'm sorry about turning on the radio ...
Bert: well, and i'm sorry about turning on the blender ...
Ernie: yeah, and i'm sorry, i shouldn't be watching so much television ...
Bert: well, we really shouldn't be doing stuff like that anyway ...
Ernie: yeah, we really shouldn't, after all ....
(fade out)

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