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Date de parution : 19/10/1990

Durée : 0:03:56

Style : Pop

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Been a-lookin' for a good girl but it's taking time
A-been a-lookin' for a good girl
A-one to please my mind, as well as my time

I've been singing in the evening
Flying through the night
But i hurt my good gal
I hope she makes out right
Flying through the night

I've been picking up the sunshine
I've been drinking down the rain, girl
I've been picking up the sunshine
A-makes me think on when i'll see you again

You know time could bring a change, girl
It ain't for me to say
A-you'll soon be out of range, girl
A-this could only be the way it's meant to be

Fairy castle stark and black in the moonlight
The jingle jangle jester rides his stallion
Seagull flies across my eyes forever
Sadly goes the wind on it's way to hades

Would i, should i, could i be a stranger?
I shall walk right by and sigh goodbye
Lucifer calls his legions from the hillside
Sadly goes the wind on it's way to hades

I've been lookin', oh yeah
I say i've been lookin' far a good girl
You better believe it baby, yeah
Yes i've been lookin' for a good gal, oh yeah
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm,
Ain't kiddin' you, ain't kiddin' you, ain't kiddin' you
Yeah i've been a-lookin'

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