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Raven Symone

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Your my friend...(our friendship will never end,,,)
A friend so true and near to my heart, i'd wish that we would never had to part, but in my heart
We'll always remain the best of friends
Remembering the day you went away my heart was filled with so much pain
How i wish you could stay and erase all this pain in my heart, we'll always remain the best of friends

You know that i am your friend, so let me say it again
It's where it starts, it never ends, never ends
Don't you know that i'm your friend...
You know that i am your friend, no doubt about it
Our friendship wil never end 'cause your my best friend

All of the fun things we did together, i knew that we'd be friends forever (ever)
But then you had to leave, tell me how could this be my friends leavin me?

They say a true friendship never ends (never ends)
I know it's true 'cause i can't breathe in all of the memories of you and me annd how we will
Always be the best of friends

You'll always be the special side of me, 'cause your my friend
No matter where you go, i wanna let you know your my friend, you are my friend

(repeat chorus)

No matter where you go, i just gotta let you know that you will always be my friend, my best
Friend (your friend)
Doesn't matter 'cause you live too far (your friend)
My friend, i am where you are

Our friendship will never end..

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