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Romanovsky And Phillips

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I was sixteen
Going on twenty-one
I called it a relationship
You called it having fun
We were best friends
Doing things kids do
And no matter what you'd like to think
We were lovers too
Boys will be boys
If they are left to their own devices
Boys will be boys
But often they make sacrifices
Men will be men will be men will be men
Afraid of being boys
We shared all our secrets
'round an open fire
And wrestled with each other
As we wrestled with desire
We walked along together
'til you ran off in fright
And me, i took a left
And you, you took a right
Sometimes you're too young to know
Some things you just outgrow
But i know what i felt for you
And it must have scared the hell out of you
Now we are two grown men
Two very different lives
I'm happy with my lover
You seem happy with your wife
We are two grown men
Trying to pretend
That nothing ever happened
That we were only friends

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