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Trey Songz

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U know i heard a lot of remixes
To this song in particular
But this is not to be confused
Im nothin like the rest...
She said im her everythang, im all she ever wanted
Ima keep it real trick, u the best who ever done it
Ima give u everythang, tell me what u want, im on it
Pocket full of cheddar, i swear i can spend whatever on it
Cuz she hold me down, everytime i hit her up
When i get right i promise that we gon live it up
She make me beg for it, till she give it up and i say
The samething every single time
Bridge 2
U da, u da, best (repeat 3xs)
You the best i ever had (repeat 3xs)
Verse 1
Know u got a roommate, call me when its no one there
Put the key under the mate and u know i'll be over there
Yea i'll be over there i can send a chauffer there
Miss me in the bedroom so she keep a poster there
Yea from the kitchen to the sofa chair
Yea we get it hotter than a toaster there
Yea i beat it like an opponent im a winner, she be dinner
And i eat it like she want it (only if she want it)
Got my calendar, know where im at
When im gone we alone, no i chat
Send a picture to my phone
Cuz when im lookin at my lover i dont wanna c anotha
Body on a milian my christina milian i can be your dream
If u leave its a nightmare if u leave i be right there
Waitin im impatient so u betta make it light yeaaa
Trigga trey girl u know the deal
Lick my flow pop swallow candy rain soul for real
I got that heavy d, show me where your levee be
And i can make u overflow, for u know the levee broke
Oh they know i ball like spalding, so all the girls be calling
Dont trip tho cuz im never fallin u i wanna c when i wake up in the morning
Tell me what u need, i give anything u want and dont u disagree baby please
I know i want you and u know u want me
Aint to proud to beg so im down on my knees
Never let u go cuz u go too hard
Miss u like the quarterback throw too hard
Girl u hot enough to make the flow cool off
Get u wet enough u like a purple call me (?)
Mike phelps come thru i know what u in to
Ima put u on when i ball like gym shoes
Walkin through the mall and u all like them too
Throw it in the bag call me dream call me fab
Louie v who is he aint nobody true as me
Truthfully u the only one thats gon be doin me
Baby girl its u n me it aint gon be no truency
Now wont u give me brain like u came straight from school for me
I know, i know, i know that your probably mad
I pushed my album back
I know ive done it time and time again
Well im sorry baby
But if u would consida to be a forgiva
Promise i'll deliva first day of september

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