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Kady! Danger

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I see this burden i can feel it running through my veins
I heard you once you said i love you it was all in vein
Something's different can you hear it in my tone i'm raged
I never wanted anything more than to be free

I had the best intentions, you've got me sinking deep inside
There's something you forgot to mention
Or did you really mean to lie

You won't change me

Every morning and every day
I wait to hear what you will say
Will you be mad or be okay
I don't think this is how it works
It's time to leave, i know it hurts
You'll have to pick another victim

I wish i didn't care so much about the things i do not need
When will i learn?
The picture isn't perfect if i'm not a wreck
Doesn't matter to you if i'm gone or i stayed.

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