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Junior Smalls And The Criminals

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Date de parution : 15/10/2010

Durée : 0:04:31

Style : Rock

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We started out with distant eyes
The beginning of an era with no compromise
We ruled so absolutely
Cause we knew it was our time
I look back so disappointed
We were kings in our own minds
Rulers of a crumbling empire
As the walls came down
Stone by stone
We found ourselves now exposed and alone
Left to face this world we could have owned

I said the best laid plans
Can sometimes go astray
You know it happened to me
And i think about it everyday
Because it's been a long time and
I feel like nothing's changed
And no i don't know where i'm going
I just wanna get on my way

What started out as youthful aims
Flowered and died and left as quick as it came
Spent the next few years running in circles
Just trying to recover
What can never be the same
So we beat on boats against the current
Trying to defy
The way that mistakes we made reduced our fate
To a fleeting moment in time
This ain't really a sad song
Just a little somethin' to bring closure
To a dream deferred
That had passed, before i knew it was over
And the distance grows every passing year
And the memories get just a little less clear
Oh, how these days collide

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