Paroles de Bet against me, you lose

Death By Stereo

pochette album Bet against me, you lose
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Date de parution : 01/01/1999

Durée : 0:02:21

Style : Alternative

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I go.i climb.i stalk.dont speak,just listen,i climb,i stalk,the root of my desire,my time on earth,my time it will be higher.i push.i shuv.i stalk.i try.dont speak i try .i need.i give.tell me how do you build a fire?put your bets down on the table boys.see how well you can stand this noise.we left here with no help from you.we come back strng,and proud,and'ast!off!here we go,go to understand,we dont even know why.we had no idea,dont you understand,we dont even know where were'ast!off!here we go into outer space we dont even know why?we had no idea,dont you understan we dont even know.traveling blind with no cares in my mind.i dont want to stop.i dont need to unwind.on this trip through my life,an escape from your worldi so greatly despise.yes i had a was my dream,to go conqure the world.we would go up hill and up stream,thats just how it goes.yes i had a was my dream,to go show the you think i had any idea?lets go show the world!it was my dream.....i never want it to end.i can do,i can do anything,i can steal,i can steal what i need.i can do,i can do anything,i can feel what i see,i can go,i can go anywhere.anytime.anytime that i the drop at the drop of a dont know what i nee......i can do anything,i can feel what i see.
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