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Joseph Anthony Ricciardo

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Used to be when i was thirteen
Mom and dad earth and sky under god
There was sand beneath my feet
The center of your youth was you always knew the truth
Till the door was left ajar and the wind
The wind blew in the fog
Some how we all got lost
Trying to drive in the dark
With the lights left off so they don't see what you do
You said it was all brand knew

But would you bet your life
What would you bet your life on
Would you better your life
What would you bet your life on

I watched you fade away
I've seen you somehow change
And what of this empty stage
Where the clouds have turned to gray
And what did you hope to find
What are you hiding between the lines
And why can't you mean what you say
It was good back then it didn't have to change
Why you let a man speak his mind
Unless that man believes in god

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