Paroles de Betrayed

Lucenda Starke

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Verse i:
You stabbed me once
I should stab you ten times
They brought your sins into the light
Is there forgiveness to find in such a dark night
They say if you've been warned once you've been warned twice

Verse ii:
As i go through the hours and days
Sift through the archives of our past
Even if we did not last
I could not have imagined such a bitter end
Could it have all just have been pretend?
Were you not the one that was heaven sent?

Verse iii:
As i open a dossier
And see your smiling face
All the memories come flooding back
But as i turn the page to face your betrayal
I cant stop myself from being mad
I thought you and i could never fail

Verse iv
As i open another file
And see those crying eyes
My pain reflected back by you
I never knew before
This came knocking on my door
What it meant to feel like a fool

Verse v:
Tell me what led youre heart astray
Tell me the reason why i feel this pain
I have tried to find the love that once was
But coursing through my veins is nothing but rage
Its like you've bled me dry
And it feels like the last few moments of my life

Verse vi:
Could i ever find it in my heart to forgive
For a while i could forget but what happens when
In my mind i see you and him again
Once bitten twice shy
These are the last few miles
Before the end of what use to be our life