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Dolly Parton

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Date de parution : 28/06/2011

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Country

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Now we don't know what heaven looks like,
But we've seen enough hell... right here and right now
But when the road is the roughest,
And the problems are the toughest,
Or when the times are the hardest and that ol' sky turns the darkest,
You gotta keep the faith,
'cause i believe there's a better day,
And those ol' blues, why there gonna just roll right on away,
I know they are, listen to me.
All this blue, ain't sky and sea,
Some of this blue's bound to get on me,
But the blues, don't come to stay,
They'll move away
On a better day.
Troubles and woes and misery,
Ain't gonna get the best of me,
Lift the shades, fix my gaze,
On a better day
Clear the way
Better days, just up ahead
When sorrow ain't sleepin' in my bed,
When people ain't messin' with my head,
There's a better way,
There's a brighter day,
Oohh there's a better day
With clearer skies
Hope and promise on the rise
Oh the future that is looking bright
On a better day look away, look away
Ohh ohh woahh ohh hmmm mmm hmmm
There's a better day
Oh better days, just up ahead
When sorrow ain't sleepin' in my bed,
And people ain't a messin' with my head,
There's a better day,
There's a better day
All of this blue, it ain't sky and sea
Some of that blue's gonna to fall on me.
Oh the future's looking bright
There's a better day, look away, look away
Mmmhmmm mmm

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