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See Spot Run

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Date de parution : 26/02/2013

Durée : 0:05:51

Style : Rock

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Get out of my head
I know you think it's just a place to play
Shh! you're waking the dead
This is no time to say what you've gotta to say

All this time has gone by
And all i see is distrust in your eyes
Don't ask me to smile
I told you i'm not fit to stand trial

If i could make you see it my way
Then you would believe
That there'll come a better day
And i may have nothing to keep you from running off
But i still believe that there'll come a better day
When all our dreams will come true

I've read all that you've read
And all i can figure is you're brain dead
Don't expect me to lie
I won't stand here convicted of your crimes

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