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Ozark Mountain Daredevils

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(guitar & harp intro)
For days on days
I've seen your game
And it takes away my joy
The sea bird knows
Where the fair winds blow
His knowledge, he employs

I know that fast, the end shall come
The writing's on the wall
But better days are comin'
For us all

Brother, be your own
For the faults we moan
Still gather at our door
And the journey we walk
The talk we've talked
Won't help us anymore

The sea bird's flown so far away
You can't hear his voice's call
Better days are comin' for us all
(guitar & harp stuff)

Do what you will
When you climb that hill
Your rise shall be your fall
'cause better days are comin' for us all
'cause better days are comin' for us all

Lyrics are copyright 1975, lost cabin music

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