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Eric Preisler

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The worst stays worst, but the better is forever
Pullin something clever ya try to flip the lever
You know you only live once forever is like never
Holding up the world on your shoulders like a feather
Trying to get by but it's still stormy weather
Today we're like never but tomorrow were together
Can't make up your mind and i'm kinda getting sick of it
Coming out the back with your rhymes i'm just spitting it
I. may say hateful things n i don't mean most of it
My anger gets the best of me and that's the truth of it
All the fighting lately i don't think it's worth a cent of it
You know i still love you and that's as clear as its gonna get
And before you go there's just one thing i gotta let you know
I promise i still love you and i'll never ever let you go
I just hope that you can realize it one day, maybe we can be together, and i could say

The worst stays worst but the better is forever
Every one but me can see what's better
The world can see her breaking my heart.
So why waste the time when we're breaking apart
The worst stays worst but the better is forever
Girl you deserve someone so much better
So take these words but don't dwell on them
Keep ya head up and keep on runnin

Ya back in the day it was all fine and dandy
Everybody new are relationship was candy
Every person saw us reminiscing, can't be dissin,
On the count of not seeing, err one but you is missin
You know that's true, i used to call you baby blue
But the only thing you got me feelin is me sorta regretting you
And on that note there's one thing i gotta say to you
All i tried to do for you was get through to you
Unfortunately all you did was hold me down
All i did was make you smile when you had a frown
I guess that wasn't good enofe of me, to do
Girl i don't think you have even the slitest clue of what you put me through
And if you even care enofe to pull it through
Or the hospitality to apalogize for it too
I just hope that you can realize it some day, maybe you'll find someone better,
And i can say


You thought ide always be here
Never to think i would disappear
Think about it, is it clear
Now it's gone, in the bag, gotta go make a tag
Can't help myself but notice it,
Just gotta go with it, take the hit, run and split
I hate break your heart, just couldn't handle it
Promises were broken, and we gotta go and run and split
This may concern you hope you hear
Let it sink in, dont come back, its the end of it you know it
I'm leaving now and i know you'll get over it but hopefully
Just keep on living but be honest with it
Did you really think i would put up with you
You must be crazy if you even had a clue
The past is behind us and you know the ending
Wishing you e best and a better sending
I just hope you can relive it one day, and maybe youll live a better life
And i could say.