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Dean Martin

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With judy holliday

Judy holiday:

So that's what you look like
At last i know
You're better better than a dream
What you are is better far better than a dream
Well i tried to picture your face
But now i see you you're out of this world you're out of this sphere you're out of that outer space
Better better than a dream
What is real is more ideal than a dream
To see and hear you to be so near you is better better than a dream


Can this be a dream
Can i still be asleep on the couch there
Can this girl be really here
She seems to know by sheer intuition how i landed in this condition
Or does she know me the way i think the way that i drink the fact that i slept all year
But it's not a dream 'cause look i've got some words on the paper
Steady boy don't faint or scream
Don't ask who sent you this angel it's better better than a dream

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