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Spencer Day

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Date de parution : 07/09/2009

Durée : 0:04:02

Style : Pop

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Too many people seeking power and fame
Steppin on anyone that gets in the way
And i dont know how they want to play that game
But i wanna find a better way

Too many people livin on the street
Too many people taking more than they need
Dont wanna complain about society
I just wanna find a better

(coz) this is a time for an evolution
This is a time for a compromise
And i know it hurts to grow
But the status quo, oh
You know it always comes with a price
Im talkin bout change in the way we re livin
Im talkin bout more than the left to right
We gotta comprehend, it s not us or them
Its the human race tryin to survive

Too many people waging holy gihads
Too many killin in the name of a god
Too many people tryin to do his job
And we gotta find a better way

Too many soldiers marchin off to war
Too many nations tryin to settle a score
When every battle only leads to more
We gotta find a better way

Repeat refrain

Ohhh, we re gonna find a better way
I know we re gonna find a better way
And i know you heard it before but ill say it once more
Coz we re gonna find a better way

Repeat refrain
Repeat chorus

(we re going to find a better way)
(we re gonna find a better way)

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