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The Goonz

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Outside the window
Skating in the street
Two kids full of hope
One's me
Take it to the edge
Take it to impress me
Could've been anything, something

None of these kids
Understand the victim
No one like me
No one like me

Promises in poverty
That echo your past
Try to fulfill the joke
Of who will laugh last
But it never came true
Not like i thought
Two kids out of rope one gave out

There is no peace there is no justice
Only my rage, only my darkness

You can't run away
You can't run away let's face it
You can't run away
You can't run away from everything

I felt the child slip away as i grew into defenses
You laid down in the dirt and made peace with the rain
Like no one knows your suffering or feels the same pain
But everyone's the same, every one's the same
Not me. not me.

There is no peace. there is no justice.
Only my rage. only my darkness. darkness.

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