Paroles de Between the river and me

Tim Mcgraw

pochette album Between the river and me
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Date de parution : 07/08/2007

Durée : 0:03:53

Style : Country

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I was fifteen when my daddy died
Mama worked two jobs just to get by
It seemed like a blessin' when harley came 'round
So she took his name, but i had my doubts
Didn't take long for his drinkin' ways
To start showin' up on my mama's face
One violent night hidin' under my bed
I swore that he'd never see another sunset
Next day i followed him down to the river bank
I knew one of us wouldn't walk away
I might've had a plan but he didn't know it
I might've been scared but i didn't show it
That's all between the river and me

In the current and the rocks, could've been risky
He might've been sober but i brought whiskey
That's all between the river and me
I walked up to him and i said his name
Just so he could see the look on my face
We stood eye to eye and toe to toe
When i told him that he wasn't gonna come back home
He raised his fist to me but i didn't flinch
I said i ain't your son or a son of a bitch
I might've had a knife in my back pocket
I might've pulled it out before he saw it
That's all between the river and me
I might've had a gun but i didn't fire it

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