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Date de parution : 24/03/2009

Durée : 0:05:28

Style : Rock

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In the distance maze, i see two doors
One leads to change, one leads to where i've been before
I am an angel, on broken wings
I am the beast, the devil in all in between
Nothing at all

It's never dark here, it's never light
Feeling like i'm caught between two worlds
Between two worlds

When the night comes down, the blade comes out
I wish, i wish, i wish i felt something at all
Nothing's wrong or right, nor black or white
Behind the hurt i see the lust come shining through
What do i do?

Just like the rainbow, between mist and sun
Feeling like i'm trapped between two worlds
Between two worlds

Never laugh or smile, i never tried
My mind is numb, and i can't take it anymore
Screaming in frustration, no sound is heard
Am i asleep, or am i starring in a dream?
Please wake me up

Sometimes the hunter, sometimes the prey
Feeling like i'm trapped, lost and never found
Feeling like i'm caught in two worlds
Without a home

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