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Date de parution : 30/10/2006

Durée : 0:06:

Style : Alternative

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You should know by now, really.
That this could end, really.
You should know i could never make it work (wake up)
It's pretend... really

There, do you like the way the water tastes?
Like gunfire, and you knew but you could never say
Then come forth... 'cause it's coming round.
Beware the water

You should know babe... at least pretend
There is (no time) it's not like you were warned so go on take a drink release.

There, do you like the way the water tastes?
You knew that is was never safe
Think once more 'cause it's coming 'round once more.

Beware the water

Your teeth are dry
And the wind blows
Fill cup, drink it, there you go...
Beware the water

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