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Mr. Shadow

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Date de parution : 20/04/1999

Durée : 0:04:38

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(mr. shadow)
I be blowing up like land mines going across the world and major plains
Hearing you people yell my name makin the money fuck the fame
Them lame ass rappers claimin to be some fucking stars
Save that drama for your mama, just remember who you are
Ain't no need to fake the funk talking you're this and that
I've been a thug tryin to be somebody and it stays like that
I was borned raised to resign in the ghettos
Unlike all you phony imposters claimin to be at another level
Like the devil in my mental, feel your passion for disasters
Fuckin up them happy homes, stoppin the heartbeats of these bastards
I'm the master of them shadow right behind you day and night
Double cross me be the cause and watch your casper catch a flight
To the land of no tomorrow leavin your hated ones in pain
Mothafuck what they be goin through, my hard is dark just like my name
I frame a mothafucka for their actions
Try to act a fool and watch below away your ashes
I clashes with foes intentually, permently i abuse their ass mentaly
Makin sure this putos remember me
Cause shadow be, driving mothafuckas in the box
If you want to meet the facts that i'll meet you at the docks punk

You stare when you see the shdaow comin
Beware mothafuckas start runnin
Death makes a mothafucka shiver
You best keep your shit up on the trigger

You stare when you see the shdaow comin
Beware mothafuckas start runnin
Death makes a mothafucka shiver
You best keep your shit up on the trigger

(mr. shadow)
Walls colapse on top of the fake
Mothafuckas it's no mistake
So you want it be a fluke
Now you're walking the skies like luke
You better beware like i was eclipse
I'm come equipted with clips that be rippin your lips
I think you're one of the infamous sisco kid
I leave your mysterious unsolved if you get into shit like this
When i clutch my fist i dismiss mothfuckas of my list
Through the mist of the evening fog i'm the hog that's causing the riots
Leavin mothafuckas frozen like that computer virus, like cirus
I'll light those sirens and body bags on tops of stretchers
Mothafuckas i'll never forgive never the less will i forgetcha
If you owe then you pay me in my world there is no maybe
Fool you're acting like a lady might as well just have a baby
Let me remind you, but you can hide but i'm gon find you
Since the day you were born til this day i still behind you
I blind you like eclipse, bring you hell like triple 6's
Got you fiendin for my music like those shooters fiend for fixes
If you ever break my record it's like breakin a fuckin mirror
7 years of getting your ass kick causin enternal bleeding to your liver
I am the sickest and the quickest in this business
You think that you're a player but i'm the one that's pokin your mistress


(mr. shadow)
I'm rarely unforgiven syko driven out of my mind
I be more blunt then the sincre so mothafuck don't waste my time
Step into these kamakazi, you'll never see tomorrow
Skip moheny and the casuals, cause where ever you go i'll follow
The shadow be stalking all the rivals like ramirez
When you hear this you fear this and in a minute flies your spirt
I tax a mothafucka like the government the punishment be brutal
I let the body rot like there was bruno
Like pluto you're the smallest in the universe you'll never reach my status
Better kiss and say good bye like the manhattens
Dramatic's about to reign mr. shadow brings the pain
Enemies i touch with reign with the lyrics from my brain
Substain or get stained like it was the time of the month for you
Either play the fuckin game or the game will play you like a fool
Breakin em off like fuckin branches, makin em fall like avelanches
Those who be actin like biatches be pushin up daises like them snatches
Better learn or get taught cause off the map i wipe them all
Stoppin pulse of imposter hittin em up just like a call
Spook you in the night like if i was gladice watch you fall
I'm loved by a few... hated by most... respect by all ha ha ha


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