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Seraphim Shock

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Date de parution : 24/01/2006

Durée : 0:07:31

Style : Rock

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A dream of me still holding you
Beneath the violet sky
The painting of a world soon lost
For here exists no time
Together through an endless night
Beneath october's moon
This secret held behind my eyes
I long to give to you
Remember heavens scent
Remember my touch
If only you could understand
If only you could hear my call
Listen to your ancient heart
In midnight's sun, it waits for you
Within the cold, within the dark
A mirror's fate will surely keep you
And through the darkness we'll find the light
Beyond forever you will be mine
It's everything i could never say
Take one last breath and slip away
Now join with me in black embrace
And dance upon your nameless grave
To spill the light and pour yourself in final sacrifice
Now lick the sin, the gushing fount
As one with devil's sight
Beyond forever,
Your mine

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