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Conor Mclaughlin

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I was born and raised in boston
An independent man
I never knew how far id go
My mother died when and i 15 years old
Then i moved down to mexico

So, it's beyond my control
It's beyond my control
Never want to lose my soul

Now, you can find me singing on the streets of boston
Just doing my best
To share my gifts
Because i know that ill always show you
I'll always show you the way to my soul

It's beyond my control
It's beyond my control

Would you listen to the words ive got to say
Some might be profound
Some might be things you hear everyday
Oh yea

It's beyond my control
I am singing to you from my soul
Hey and i don't know what will come next
But i can be this sure
I'll be singing, i'll be singing from my soul
It's beyond my...
So when someone says to me
No matter how hard life seems to be
Oh keep singing
Keep singing from your soul
Keep singing from your soul
Because it's beyond my control

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