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Why dont i get you a star from the milky way that shines tonight
This evening can reveal that after all we are just people trying to understand our ways
Theres no time to bring us down, lets forget about the spiteful days
The moonlight shows what is inside of us, lets run away from all those nightmares with no end.

I would love to get you closer and forget about hard feelings.
A new perception eats away inside of me and consumes my hopeful feelings
Its just a bad dream preventing us to go beyond our limits.

The morning shinning star that is floating in your eyes tonight
Reveals to me the hope inside of us is the real secret that will make us rise again.

Hola te invito a crecer como el universo se expande en el infinito profundamente. el destino es cuando el sol colapse en cinco billones de aos y el universo sigue su marcha sin nosotros.
Usa tu ipod, cierra los ojos y ven conmigo a alucinar un poco. veo esmeraldas, veo una flor, mra un delfn. deja a un lado la supersticin dios es un concepto.
La especie humana se autodestruye en este hermoso planeta azul, el pequeo punto en el universo. aqu y ahora: ama profundo, ama profundo, besa profundo. profundo es el amor. besa una flor respira profundo ama profundo besa una florbesa una flor
Spanish is sexy.....

Translation (more or less):

Hello i invite you to grow like the universe expanding into the deepest infinite. our destiny is when the sun colapses in five billion years the universe keeps going on without us.
Use your ipod close your eyes and come with me to hallucinate a little bit. i see emeralds, i see a flower, look at a dolphin!!. get ride of all superstition god is a concept.
The human species is destroying itself in this beautiful blue planet, the little dot in the universe. here and now: love deeply, love deeply, kiss deeply. love is deep. kiss a flower.. breath deeply.. love deeply.. kiss a flowerjust kiss a flower.

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