Paroles de Beyond the blues

Tom Russell

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Old man on the corner, singin' my life
Playin' guitar with a rusty old knife
And every line that he's singin' rhymes with the truth
And a promise of something, beyond the blues

You and me, darling, took the long way around
Through the wide open countries and the heart attack towns
To every fork in the road, where we've all got to choose
Between darkness and light out beyond the blues

Beyond the shadows, beyond the rain
Beyond the darkness and all the pain
When you're walkin' in circles with holes in your shoes
Love is the road that leads beyond the blues

Old man on the corner, he's been gone for years
And the guitar and the knife blade are rusty with tears
But there's a song that he left us, we'll never lose
That love is the road that leads beyond the blues

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