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Max Webster

pochette album Beyond the moon
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Date de parution : 01/11/2013

Durée : 0:06:32

Style : Rock

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It's another world we think in / because words are obsolete
Two thousand years we kissed the devil / before we knew defeat
Chapter eating marx one morning / freaking out on electric meat
Chewing thrills with turkish madmen / space speed to sweden without sleep
Cocaine coloured computer cards / coding cosmic zipper skies
Vitamin clouds beyond the moon / yogurt blood lunacy shoes
Acid warped the global fetus / like the bourgeois look at feet / and cadillacs
Two thousand years we crossed up jesus / thinking he'd make ends meet
Christ no
You can't make the world to order / like a hotel service's food
Take the sixties as a movie / take the seventies as fuel
You've got a reason to be endless / because your mood is summer cool
Let deliverence be existence / before this song becomes your fool
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Dave watson, severed heads liberation front (re-release the _stretcher_ ep!)
Swetier balzoff (ottawa), ontario, canada
"a man is measured by the depth of his anger"--eddie
"you will be dead, killed by your mutinous, bastard socks."--r.b. fairchild

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