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Stan Ridgway

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Date de parution : 02/08/2007

Durée : 0:07:44

Style : Alternative

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We will be driving in little time bombs everywhere
One a seat in a skyscraper with aluminum hair
Therre'll be someone downstairs
Collecting all our names
Numbers all in a file somewhere
Everyone will be saved
Beyond tomorrow, beyond tomorrow
Someone will be in the air
In a plane by the sea
I could be anywhere at all
If i could just be
I'll eat candied policemen
You'll eat farmers fromell
Everyone will be very modern
Can't you tell?...
There could be another one come from the east
With a mark on his head, the sign of the beast
Then we will all extinguish
Fromhis thing we call yeast
Did we come from yest?...
Way back when in a petri dish
We were mated with some weird kinda fish
Then we grew arms and legs
Now we have 'em alive-no eggs
In a room far away near the capitol
There's a nox that sits on someone's skull
We'll all be waitin' for the word comin' down
Mentime...let's blow this town
Don't blame me...
Eric wincentsen "greetings from the humungous- the lord humungous!"
Glendale community college, -the road warrior
Glendale, arizona
I didn't vote for slick willy!

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