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(intro: lil b)
I got bitches i got anything i put my mind to so i got bitches...
10 bitches on me because i put my mind to it fucker
You already know man its lil b man i'mma tell you mo about mo and me

(hook: lil b)
Basedgod you can fuck my bitch! (x4)
Fuck that bitch in the mouth i'mma do my job
Do my job just to fuck a bitch
All night, all night, goddammit (x2)

(talking: lil b)
I'mma tell you something man i'mma hundred grand show westside right here in america i feel like im a genius (i feel like im a genius)

(verse 1: lil b)
Frederick douglas basedgod i turn on your lights bitch
Whos my bitches? let me tell you, i might have to mail you
I might have too many, i feel like im sexy
Niggas hate on that, bitches wanna fuck me
I might be strapped up, i might have five bitches
Bitches wanna fuck me cause i know the basedgod
I'm a rare artifact, the bitch wanna fuck me
Yeah i play rugby, college sports basedgod
Bitches love the basedgod, i'mma fuck her like a-rod (swag)
Tell you bout me, bitch fuck me


(verse 2: lil b)
Bitch talking child support
She gon need life support
I'mma get low-down, never been a ho though
Hundred grand wrist wear, 10 grand 10 pair
Niggas still talking shit, ah let's not go there
You better pay homage bitch, paying what the fuck you ate
America got me barbaric, i'mma fuck the bitch like erryday
Bitch think i look good, i think i look good too
Fucked the bitch in the bathroom, hundred grand show unsigned
Bitch i'm so conceited, i don't want to leave that fucking mirror
Brangdangdang in here, brangdang bitch get it clear


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