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It's getting late in here
Dark out, so i read poems
About romance and listen
To kendrick lamar who is
Our past life poet
It's amazing and crazy

I'm in love with you
With the exception that
You'll be my eternity

Baby, please don't leave
The poets wants us to
Live in brilliance never die
Without experience
I challenge you to make a
Difference in this world
Where rosa parks paved
A way for us to start a new
Generation that the world
Can trust, so i trust in us
I believe we can make a mark

Chorus repeat

So i roll the dice
Hit the 5 then 9
I wish i could get high
But my self-conscious
Doesn't like that vibe

So i roll the dice
Make a turn and hit the sixty-nine
We can start a revolution
Stop emotional dissolution


Take a tip like a french manicure trip
We can feel like cloud nine
Make our own universe tonight
So let's enjoy this paradise