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George Strait

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Date: 9/26/96; 11:46:58 am
From: (gene l. graham)
Subject: a big ball in cowtown

A big ball in cowtown
Recorded by bob wills and the texas playboys
Written by hoyle nix

Aagghh! let the ladies split out wide
Grab your pardner - go hog wild. aagghh! now, now, now;

(g) big ball's in (g7) cowtown
(c) we'll all go (g) down
(g) big ball's in (g7) cowtown
(d) we'll dance a-(g) round.

(g) workin' on the (g7) railroad
(c) sleepin' on the (g) ground
Eatin' saltine (g7) crackers
(d) ten cents a (g) pound.


Put on your new shoes
Put on your gown
Take off them sack clothes
The big ball's in town.


I'll stay in cowtown
I'll stick around
Bolt up your window
The big ball's in town.


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