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Ananda Project

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Date de parution : 08/03/2005

Durée : 0:05:11

Style : Electronic

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Far across the ever blue sea,
Came a people who raised the country.
Almighty, with his hands indeed,
Grazed their skins all shades with the sun's sea,
But they didn't know about,

Big boat, big boat in wa-ter (repeat 6x)

Far as i know, how the story goes,
Whips and chains the whole way with no clothes.
Faces shining, on their hands and knees,
They died so you and i could live free,
But they didn't know about

Big boat, big boat in water (repeat)

In the sunshine, gave them some peace of mind,
They believed they'd be returned all in due time.
But whitey, had more tricks up his sleeve,
Didn't want them to live like you and me
They didn't know about,

Big boat, big boat in water (repeat)

(they just wanted to live free...)
(so trusting...on their hands and knees)

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