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(chorus) talisker

If i die today bury me in a big box/
The big box nigger in the big box/x3

(verse1) talisker

Big joints hustler creature rolling up in the street fame/
Glance clique in a track. started hard nigger faithfully/
Ignoring pain in my back. i punch nigger's till they get flat/
I'm on now nigger i take up little fortune/
Ama bow 2 god not the statue/
Bitch's fall for my six pack/
If i die to day its 4 de troops/
Hatters talking rumours,i got choppers in de air/
I'm braking in this year/
Get aggressive for moola/
Ill be de one getting likes the most/post the toast i ll be bowling the most/ thanks lord for my heavy verse/
Crowd noise is my gospel/
Hip hop my religion/
Nigger i pray hard for my enemies/
Watch me up for the history/
Stunner good swagger good quality/ since that nigger been storming/hatters fall like naked witches goose out/
We bowling i'm just tryna make my family proud/
Mzanzi sound work hard my niggar

(chorus) talisker

(verse2) talisker

Ta talisker core junkie,never live life like a cheese boy/
Can't stop hustle till the blood out of my body pores/
Run run this marathon damn niggar can't sleep on me/
I'm hard now like igneous rock sky walker adrenaline/
Get in and boil swallow the ocean and live the world covered with the salt/
Sky is the limit take a risk 4 the living/ stumble, talk stupid. young boy tryna find the port/
Over shine your life scant/
Keep it real keep it real on the mic/
Hit de cold like titanic a ma manic in this vibe/
I go hard i got this in the streets we sacrifice/
Feel a dick u got bitch/
These witches can't hold me back/ suffocation where the money at/ sweggar take all and brake your neck/ control your mind like a nightmare/

(chorus) talisker

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