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Yeah, i mean i couldnt find the proper beat/
The internet was being a bitch but still i wanna speak/
About a nigga that i never even got to meet/
Was feeling like a fat guy he helped me find my feet/
Yeah-sent him a track, we called it gimme love/
And even to this day the big homey gives me love/
Could swear that god sent me a brother from above/
And he can relate to my hustle like he was my cuz/
I think i saw him in the hype magazine, was thinking damn this nigga looks just like me/
I even thought up a collaboration in my dreams/
I thought but why the hell would homey wanna work with me damn/
The next day i emailed him the joint man/
I had my heart and mind ready for disappointment/
Hours later he replied and he said i was ill, you can imagine how that made me feel/
And then he took me right under his wing/
He used to brag about me like i was a king/
On bad days he told me not to worry about a thing/
And when i felt like ending it, showed me how to begin/
My big brother went and told me all about his story/
Gave me a chance when other rappers would rather ignore me/
He kept me moving when my life was at an interlude/
Mean hes the guy behind my first radio interview/
Howd a nobody meet somebody who knows everybody/
And guarantees in everything i do hes always got me/
I should have had an older sister but she passed away/
I mean she should been like 28 in present day/
Thats ok cause i got a brother from another mother straight from cofimvaba/
Funny thing is we aint never met each other/
Big brother, is the shit brother, should be on the hype magazine cover/
Keeps my words straight when i begin to stutter/
Just to share the mic is a huge honour/
Word to password and mavetana/
Jaytip, sabza and all the others/
Put me on the mamelani remix and loved it/
Nah you aint just rappers-more like distant cousins/
My big brother hes like my manager when i struggle to manage/
I mean he even went and put in work above average/
My big brother got my song played on airwaves/
Every day of the week, all i really wanna say nothing, cause i aint even got the words/
But you always knew the words when i was fighting with my girl man/
My stepping stone every time i stumble/
We only got one rule, always stay humble/
And honest aint no lying when your deep down in the jungle/
Cause life is like marathon but aint no one to run to/
When everyone around me tried to pull me down/
I know im still good cause you still around/
I mean you were around through it all/
Everyday youd be posting on my facebook wall/
Every opportunity you could have taken for yourself/
You said fuck it ima give that shit to someone else/
Aah it feels like you and i are quite a force, but then you figured time to give lilbro the torch/
As you delight, as i light the world up with my story/
I mean its our glory, not my glory/
My favourite xhosa rapper aint nobody better/
Even if we end up working at clover wed split the cheddar/
Its funny how a brotherhood formed over chitter chatter/
And when life is a bitch you told me to throw some flowers at her/
And shit i better remember to read that message that you sent/
Lemme read it out to everybody see it went/

Thing is he sent me this message, like this one night when i told him, you know what.
I just wanna kill myself and overdose these painkillers and stuff like that.
So he sends me this message and he insists that i read it and it goes something like this...lemme just find it.
It says dont doubt, our elders believe that doubt is a huge waste of energy. how can you pray that your life will get better and doubt that your life will get better at the same time? what sense does it make? how can you pray that your road will open up and doubt that your road will open at the same time? doubt is like ikhula invading the garden, you are trying to plant. pull it up at the roots.
Big brother always knows when something is wrong with little brother, he just knows.