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Date de parution : 20/05/1991

Durée : 0:01:55

Style : Alternative

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Here we are in a new age
Wishing we were dead
There's a tv in my front room
And it's screwing up my head
There's a scanner in the toilet
To watch you take a bath
And there's a picture of hiroshima
To make sure you never laugh

And somebody told me
"big brother's watching you"
And somebody else said
"you know it's not true"
Who do you believe?

Well the police have all gone crazy
You never had it so bad
They take away the dignity
That you never really had
They know all about you
They even know what you drink
And if they thought you were worth it
They could sus out what you think
(and think you crazy)(?)


Well they asked me how to prove it
And there was nothing i could say
I said "watch out for big brother"
And then they put me away
They said i was paranoid
Because i wrote this song
But they didn't need to read it
Because they knew it all along


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