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Hancock Wayne

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(1st verse)
I gotta crazy little lady, she's a wildcat
She's up the fourteenth floor, has a two room flat
She's my honey lovin' baby
Hep cats call her sue
She really digs this kinda livin'
She's always got the hi-rise blues

This scene ain't nothing like a rural route
You ain't gotta go travel to the steppin' out
I'm just a gift from the country
I ain't got no pals
Lord i don't need nobody
Just my big city good times gal
(hi-rises baby!)

(woo, groovy baby?)

(2nd verse)
Sometimes i tend to worry and i wonder too
What a hillbilly guy like me gonna do
If the day ever comes that she don't want me hangin' around
Well i'll do a little jumpin' and hit every joint in town

I got a flat out yonder down texas way
Hot rod chrysler when i wanna play
And a knife fer throwin' a fit that's gonna make 'em howl
I'm gonna party with my baby
My big city good time gal
(pound it down)

(2nd interlude)
(the professor)

(repeat 1st verse)

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