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Wynn Stewart

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Date de parution : 19/10/2010

Durée : 0:02:22

Style : Country

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Big city
Writer c. shamley

Big city, you mean more to her than me
I'm a broken-hearted country boy
Now that she is gone
She left me for the city life
And there i don't belong
She was just a simple country girl
And i still love her so
But she chose a different way of life
And i had to let her go
To the big city, with so many things to see
Big city, you took so much from me
With your miles and miles of lights that shine
You lured her from these arms of mine
Big city, you mean more to her than me
Once she was so satisfied
With nothing more than me
But now she's where they live a way
That seems so wrong to me
My hopes and all my memories
Will never fade away
Will she ever come back here to me
Or has she gone to stay?

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