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(sing) hey big daddy, big mommy
When the king becomes the queen, this means the same thing

The most important event in modern history
Is something that our schools barley teach
It was the brain child of the banking elite
Rockefeller, morgan, and a bigger family

In 1910, there was a secret meeting
Jekyll island georgia is where they schemed
Their agents had long been working dc
Lobbying congress, and spending big

They got to woodrow wilson when he was weak
Lined his pockets with campaign money
And with a little three-party tinkering
President wilson took office in 1913

That december, quarter of congress on leave
The federal reserve act was passed quietly
President wilson signed off on our liberty
From what i can tell, with no apology

So here's what happened in 1913
A private bank took control of our economy
The fed is not a government agency
It's private company like the gap and macy's

our money doesn't come from the us treasury
It's a loan from the fed, and it's far from free
Yeah, we owe interest on our money
That's why the income tax came to be

(sing) hey big daddy, big mommy...
When the king becomes the queen, this means the same thing (repeat)

The great depression of the 1930's
Began by design with the markets crashing
Breadlines, people lost everything
Today people are living this same reality

So we can see it doesn't work so perfectly
At least not for the us citizenry
But it doesn't stop with our banking
Look at all those corporations bleeding green

President eisenhower warned in his goodbye speech
About the complex of war and industry
But he he left out the root of that money tree
The fed is the source of all such borrowing

The kennedy brothers, now whatever you think
It seems these guys tried to do something
Jfk bucked the big authority
With an executive order in 1963

He affirmed the power of the us treasury
To issue a competing u.s. currency
Silver-backed bills that were interest free
Which could have threatened the fed, eventually

Instead we got a dark day in history
Jfk was killed along with his policy
What followed was an orgy of printing money
That came with a bloodbath of soul and body

(sing) hey big daddy, big mommy...
When the king becomes the queen, this means the same thing

The social programs of the great society
They didn't do anything to stop poverty
They lust made it worse, maybe intentionally
And left us with more debt and broken families

For vietnam, the need was artillery
To contain the communists, supposedly
I think that slaughter was about money
So the federal reserve could keep collecting

More killing, hit on another kennedy
Rfk knew the fed and its lending tree
In his brother's wake, it was peace and unity
I guess some don't like those who cross boundaries

when malcolm x moved, he did boldly
Walkin' his own walk, increasing his reach
Couldn't have him movin' toward unity
Uh-uh, had to put him down in history

And then there's dr. martin luther king
An apex of peace and unity
Because even those trapped in bigotry
Admit he's right philosophically

King walked uncompromisingly
Purposefully, peacefully and effectively
He was way too risky for the authorities
So like all the rest...history

People divided by race and creed
Serve the interest of the banking elite
We rage at each other, chase tv dreams
Obsessed with sex and thus vanity

Max out credit cards at the club drinking
Stretching to buy those things glittering
Government keeps spending, stealing liberties
All in the interest of the fed, conveniently

And we don't even know who's profiting
Fed books have been closed since our opening
Maybe too far gone to save our country
I hope not, but i'm just thinking logically

'cause billions, now trillions are spent freely
Bankrupting almost every country globally
Compromising constitutionality
Making way for a global currency

One money that's controlled digitally
By big corporations and monied elite
A new world order through central banking
Our new bright shiny, slavery

(sing) hey big daddy, big mommy...
When the king becomes the queen, this means the same thing

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