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I got more paper than the ho named paris
But i did the time, i didn't get released
I had a whole army when they locked me up
It was easy, fo shizzy, that's wassup

My flow is nice
My bling is ice
Yo crib got mice and yo hair got lice
Licence to kill, i supply'em
When i get in the hood, all the playas stop playin

I fucked all the hos and the bitches to
From bk to bx and 212
I'm a bad nigga, and my glock's bigga

And when my finger's on the trigger
Bitch is itching like vinegar on a wound
I'm the illest in the hood
And i move more ks than mcd moves food

Baddest nigga on the block
In each motherfucking hand i got a glock
Hear that sound? it's cocked, unlocked
And i smoke yo face like i smoke the rock

I bring game to the game
Cos i'm just so fresh
My bitches got the breaks
Yo bitch looks like shrek, snitch-ass nigga.

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