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Marcus Orelias

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(verse 1: marcus orelias)

I knew this was it, since 93
Im talking bout big dreams in the city
See corners where theyre on the block
Liquor store, selling rocks.
Absent father in my life but i turned out aite.
Lost my best friend at the time in 99.
Thats 99 problems but im fine
The inner youth in bayview just wants to survive.
Never was a strong book student, number of times
Didnt make the honors, watching my grades drop
Still i wanted everything that was in
When my momma was in with two kids
As a young boy wanted a gameboy
Finally got it, changing everything to color
My life changed again, moms introduced another man
A young man adjusting to another grown man, im bad at math.
Looking back on the past, middle school came and past.
In a sense, lost my innocence cause


The city is mine. top back, california sunshine
Same place where i stayed on my grind
Mama told me i was destined to shine
Yea im destined to shine
The city is mine. top back, california sunshine
Same place where i stayed on my grind
Mama told me i was destined to shine
With big dreams in the city

(verse 2: marcus orelias)

Fuck what people say, high school wasnt fun
I wasnt mr. popular or popular opinion.
I was cool; often it hurt to know so much.
Transferred schools in 9th grade, i didnt comprehend much
A round peg trying to fit in some boxes, plus
I tried out for jv, guess who got cut?
Like the girls who wouldnt give me time of day
Separating themselves, i spoke my mind.
Who cares, to them i was always high or mad
Walking into class like somebody died.
Taking stretches to master lines that i rhymed.
Never paid attention to lectures, not one time
Word is i caught a.d.d; plus i needed money
I did a week of selling weed; looked around realizing it wasnt me
My life became a tug of war, with so many pulling for me.
I'm just glad we got to see eye to eye
Because being rejected, is what makes i, i


(verse 3: marcus orelias)

Fast foreword past 09, in due time
I had a 12-inch powerbook; that was a hammy down
Recorded into it, after i wrote my raps down
It was so old, froze in a few weeks. a week is all i need
Found jay b and started writing to his beats
A true scholar in every essence, digging different sounds
Searching for samples that would turn my life around
Its hard feeling motivated, amongst the lack of response
The next month made a demo with used beats and instrumentals.
Matter of fact it was instrumental, everything i had i hustled for
Wanting to drop but never knew when
A few producers were supposed to come through.
Never did, blind to my vision
12th grade came, barely passed to graduate
Spiting a solo verse from we on, tearing up the stage.
Im on now; all i want to do is make you proud.
With big dreams in the city


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