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George Jones

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Date de parution : 23/03/2012

Durée : 0:02:05

Style : Country

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I once had a sweetheart the fairest of maidens
She outshined all others that i'd known, by far
I had a friend, a big fella names big harlan taylor
Harlan had a rubber tired, new shiney car
Oh, the ways of the world and the wants of a woman
If i figured them all out, 'twould take many years
By the wants of a woman she fell for big harlna

I tried, but in vain, for to take my own life
Suddenly i had lost all my will to keep living
She'd lost her desire go become my young wife
I wnated revenge and way-laid fof big harlan
Then i started wondering what good would it do
If a rubber-tired, new shiney car's her ambition
Then she can just have it and big harlan, too
1959 10

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