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Deborah Wilbrink

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Intro baby, dont you think its time?
Hey! wait just a minute, let me speak my mind!
You been running, you been hidin
You got it comin and i aint lyin

Chorus youve made a big mistake
Thinkin i was just another piece of cake
You oughta know im out to shoot you down
Maybe you should think about leavin town
Or change your cheatin, lyin low-down ways
When you messed around with me,
You made a big mistake!

Verse 1 you a no-good dirty skunk
You a lazy bum and a staggerin drunk
And you prey, not on your knees,
But like a buzzard in the breeze
On the young and defenseless
On the foolish and the senseless.but


Verse 2 youre a playboy, youre a player
Youre a natural born woman hater
They used to call em lady killers
But i got news for you, thriller diller
Wipe that silly grin off your face
You just lost your savin grace

Cause i know about
A few things you do
I know the stuff you got
Dont belong to you
I know who wants child support
In omaha
I know you bought drugs
With that money from your ma
I know a missin marine sword
Is under your bed
I know the next three moves
In your rattlebrain head! so


When you messed around with me,
You made a big mistake!

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