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Don Cannon

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(hook: rich homie quan)
Big money, boy it come in thousands
Trap house bunkin', jay runnin' out it
Twelve saw me comin', couple bats for me
I supply my neighbor, call 'em sack money
(my quan, i call it stack money)
Make so much that twelve double back for me
All i stack are dead men run it back for me
Like a dead men call it sack money

(verse 1: rich homie quan)
Call it sack money, like i know the neighbors
A couple packs comin', i'm at the store waitin'
Kill the fat onion, got some more paper
I keep the (?) gunnin', i'm makin' dope wages
The folks hatin', i got more paper
The clothes basic, you see my ho tailor
All that makeup make your ho look made up
(?) out the hood
I'm at the corner shootin' like a pacer
(?) i shoot a nigga face up
And i like any head cause i'm aimin' waist up
And if you owe me, better pay up

(hook: rich homie quan)

(verse 2: a$ap ferg)
I'm gettin' all this paper, a$ap money
And i'm fuckin' all these bitches, i can't get 'em off me
And i call my dollars precious cause my pockets chubby
There was gonna but ugly but all of these bitches wanna fuck
Like i don't mind niggas that hustlin' and killin', this shit is a shame
I don't mind niggas (?) and you can do the same
I took money from out the hood (?) can gang bang
(?) the rider, ridin' in that porsche
I'm be the messiah, i'll be the young trap lord
Sippin' on the henney (?), nigga i take off
Pretty flacko did well now watch how ferg go off, oh lord
(hook: rich homie quan)

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