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Dance Hall Crashers

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Date de parution : 09/09/1997

Durée : 0:02:31

Style : Rock

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Tell me about what you think today
What are you doing? what do you want to say?
Tell me about what's been going on
Where have you been? thought you were gone

Tell me what you can't tell me about
I won't listen but i'll tell them all anyhow
Tell me what you really want to say
I don't care, i'll ask anyway

What do you think about what they all did?
Say something bad, what do you really want to admit?
You can tell me, i won't say a word
Trust me, i won't tell the world

Won't tell them what you did last night
Won't tell them why you started that really big fight
Or why you ran out that time
It's none of my business but i'm gonna make it mine

You keep talking
I'll keep listening
But really it's the same
It's the same old story

Tell me about how it all went wrong
Who do you blame? who from your world is gone?
You know i've been through it too
It's off the record, i promise you

So tell me all of the private things
What don't i know, tell me who gave you that ring?
What about your private line?
Won't give it out, at least not this time

You keep talking
I'll keep listening
Really it's the same
It's the same old story

I don't care what you want me to say
You're gonna write what you want to anyway
Why are you wasting time on me?
Just write what you want me to be

'cause i don't care what you want me to say
It's the same old story, who's gonna care anyway
Promise me, you won't ask about
Being a girl in the rock world

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