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Kenny Price

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Date de parution : 01/04/2012

Durée : 0:02:22

Style : Country

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I've been thru a lotta states and a lotta towns most of them have different names
But you'll find the streets all run the same
Girls are a lot like this if you work it right and i do this well
How i do it is my secret and i refuse to tell
But i'll tell you i'm a big operator i know how to talk that talk
I can talk my way into their hearts without even tryin'
Yes i'm a big operator i know how to walk that walk
You can bet when i walk away i'll leave 'em smilin'

There are many girls in every town that i have left behind
But that don't ever trouble my mind
I won't look back now but if i ever change someday when i get old
Then i'll have these memories to keep away the cold
For they call me a big operator...
( trumpet )
I'll be smooth as glass if you want me to or rough as desert sand
It depends on what you want in a man
My aim is to please and i believe i do for a back track many times
I was always welcomed by the ones i left behind
You can see that i'm a big operator...

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