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Date de parution : 08/05/2012

Durée : 0:05:13

Style : Alternative

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I would like to say that i think one day,
We will meet again, and things will be the same
But its this life we live, so will you please forgive
My lack of faith, if im wrong go on and say so

We were all filled up with a youthful pride
And we took the ocean with us
But most get swallowed up in the tide
They say its all in our best interest
When i lose sight i will return to see the redwoods in big sur
And have my vision restored

Sometimes things only rearrange
When we thing they have changed
Are those who die just those reborn, or is it something more?
All that golden hair
You left yours everywhere
Thats what reminds me, but what reminds you?
Dont forget why youre here
Its just a name my dear

We were all filled up with a youthful glow
And we took the winter with us
But most end up buried under the snow
I pray our youthful glows will warm us
When i grow old i will return to wash my body down the creek
And have my soul reborn

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