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The Cool Kids

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(chuck inglish)

Player that's a big game changer

Bet you ain't see us comin out there

Swangin, poppin, blastin, dippin, dippin-dodgin all this traffic

Really and it don't stop rockin 'till the cops come knockin tryna catch niggas slippin when they comin out they spot

If the party's over there dog why you ain't call me?

Talkin big billy shit why you ain't got it?

Never mind that, it's nothin

No sweat off my pockets

And i'm out like king james was down in miami

Prospects every where, livin big fairy tales

Down there getting money, cleanin up very well

Well, and that's how that go

Scrunch your faces though when you hear that goin

Ham sandwich and a half to the max times 10

1-2 punch slam dunked up, we win

(hook x4)

That's big talk
It don't stop
That's big talk
Let's get it on
(let's get it)

(mikey rocks)

Phone doin numbers like malone with the jumper

I'm workin like a waterfall flowin the the jungle
(i will flood you)

And now we wanna escape, who can irun to?

I'm throwin a lil get together baby you should come through

The whole kitchen digital and it's ice cold fridget-froze (?)

Just have my money on the table before i get involved

I'm in the wide body,5 shotty, ridin shotty is a hot tottie, say she like to party party party

Alot of dead presidents, but they ain't find a body

The godiest(?) on that nas god body shit

Nice uppercut stuck right to the chin

1-2 punch slammed dunked up, we win, let's get it.

(hook x4)

That's big talk
It don't stop
That's big talk
Let's get it on
(let's get it)

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