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Big tymah

Among the thieves, there is no honor, until you step up fi set up the rules and order
Mek the worst a dem know, decency come before the chase fi di dollar

Who can you blame if no one explains the way that the game is played?
Thousand years ago, things were just the same

You'd praise the way that i run this city
Still whole heap a dem iniquity workers, theyre living the life of the victim so me forgive dem

I -mon have the idea that dem skin dem teeth but behind your back
Dem full of chat, but never know seh i hear that.
More riddim, give dem heart attack

The gangsta dem wan hold the name of the
Big timer
But most of them cant play the game of the
Big timer

Who run the town?
Enterprise pon de rise to another class
Anytime money make tribute to the boss

We put this thing together so that we people dem coulda live so large

Shake down is suicide, talk to the one in charge

Id rather we find solution, nuff fighting when outta road
This business wid dem confusion, get outta the youth control
Those other bosses with trigger fingers go down in shame
I-mon looking forward to living life with no ball and chain

Now in this world of entertainment
Some man dem fi talk bout how dem fi get dem payment

It's like dem forget how officer john brown come with the mad surveillance,
And decode the song

Dem think seh dem don?
But what dem informer put down pon riddim give them reason fi turn up missing
(now listen)

The money flow operate from the word of the
Big timer
Dem man a pose and dem claim dem deserve to be
Big timer
First consideration: the needs of the people dem, before you call yourself taking all of the cash out of the game. for real. original bad man will mek dem know what a gwaan. spread the word

Production: dj kentaro, xlii
Lyrics: mc zulu

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