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Life is so sweet, cos i love you girl
I blow money bitch, yea im gonna swear
Baby im gonna hit, cos im from bpl
Thats hanson, i love you abigail
Uh hanson on the mic
Yea babe just come and feel my rhymne
Uh just come behind
Baby hold my hand and lets fly into the sky
Yea bpl babe you drivin' me crazy and your love is so amazing
I can't stop from thinking oh why my honey why you do leave me
I love you my sweetheart
You wanna leave alone don't do that
I love you like victoria
Because of jehova im now a superior
And you know one day we gonna be in georgia
Just lay on my bed and am gonna make you suffer
Bpl motherfucker i have more power

Bpl boys imma tuga
Lookin' in my ways no ray rails
Lookin' in my foot it looks beauty
Bpl boys we're now on high
Babe baby girl we like you
We need you bpl baby
Tawiah baby we love you
Thats bpl we're flyin' high
Lemmi tell you we flyin' high
Bpl baby we're flyin' high
Uh uh we're flyin' high
Bpl baby we're flyin' high

Bpl in the buildin' abodie.....ah...ok lets get this nigga

My name is listo
People talkin' shit but imma just a hero
I blow money bitch yea imma gonna give euro
Don't give a demn and you can ask young so
I hate nonsense and you can ask hanson
I love you eugenia

(lil pezzy)
Bpl oh god nigga
Ahw ah
Life so better yea we leave it
This bpl we know it
Im music like hitbit
Please don't try see bit
Life is so cold i love you
Im in love that shit bitch
He..he yea i love it
But i don't wanna give me love it
Lil pezzy don't run the same way
Yea dont run in the same way
Just love it
This oh god we stay it

Oh god mixtape
Abodie in the building
I love you eugenia.....nnnwa!!
Hanson in the building
I love you abigail......yesirw
Oh god mixtape
We love bpl
I love everybody
Lil pezzy nigga....heheeeeeeeeeeeo!
Thats oh god mixtape

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