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The Pop Ups

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Date de parution : 11/06/2010

Durée : 0:03:33

Style : Children's Music

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Jump up out of bed
Got only one thing in my head
Settle down in the seat
Check my pedals and i hit the street

Turn left turn right
Can you turn the wheels with all your might
I'm not hot, cause i'm cool
Gonna ride my big wheel past the school

Big wheel small wheel so superb0
Popping a wheelie and jumping the curb
Small wheels big wheels boys and girls
We're riding the yard just like we're ruling the world

I'm like a monster truck
I got thunder bolt stickers and i don't get stuck
Turn the keys, rev it up
Cruisin to the beat i can't get enough

Lock the wheels spin out
Speed and control are what i'm, all about
I don't need, to fit in
As long as i got pedals and some plastic rims


Plastic wheels they hug the road
Wave goodbye to my abode

Riding low riding high now reach for the sky


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